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13A Final Portfolio

***Class Related Material***

It has been a HARD semester to get through.  With a lot of work and lot of things to do. But I did it and I’m mostly happy with the results. Minus the spectacular failure that was my collage. Which was not reflective of my work. Here is my portfolio.

For this portfolio I chose to go with a very simple color scheme, mostly because when I go for something complex in a visual project it turns out horribly wrong. I decided to use the Decorative font Magic School One, because it’s catchy and fun and attention grabbing. But I also utilized the Sans Serif Font Helvetica. For the more serious text and my call to action text. I, as usual when I’m not making Monochromatic colors schemes, utilized a Dichromatic color scheme with warm colors. Because the cool colors were hard to read in my original draft.

I received critique from Ryan Ferrante who said that the dark colors of my original draft made it hard to read. I agree with him on that format. I also realized that I was lacking a design element. So I went with an old standby favorite which is the thin dividing line.

Thank for your time and for the instruction.

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12B Final Draft

***Class Material***

Her is my assignment once again. rsz_12aandrewhansen-page-002

Page 1


And page 2

My process for creating the assignment was making my site map a reality as I felt that was the most important part of the magazine I created. I shared from personal experience what the content of the article was which was my main focus. As I will mention in the video that I posted below, my goal was to create what would be content for the Ensign. Which is why I used the monchromatic color scheme. Black and White is one of the more standard themes that the Ensign goes to especially with more serious content. I chose the two images because they were the most useful to me. I did not choose three because that requirement appears to be added later, I will take the hit for it because it also would not fit with my overall spread and plan. I was busy this week and forgot to give critique. I did recieve critique from Christina Sagnimeni on Friday, after the assignment had already been printed so changes were not applied.

My typeface was an Oldstyle Font called Century Schoolbook for the title and my typeface was also in Oldface Times New Roman.

Sources are myself for the badge picture and Statics . Photodom . com/2011/05/15/2189330.jpg

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12A Draft Critique

***Class Material***

This was not fun to do. This was not fun to share. But I did it and I’m somewhat happy with the final product.  Due to Indesign fighting me at every corner the two pages are uploaded separately but are intended to go together in a two page spread. Any feedback on how to fix this/fuse the pages would be vastly appreciated.



I used for the title a Serfied font called Century Schoolbook and the good old old style font Times New Roman for the body copy.

Source for the picture I did not create is here.


Thank you for your time.

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11A Webpage design

***Class Material***

I am in so much pain after starting my new job so somewhat of a lightning round here because once I finish this I can get out of my work clothes, get into something comfy and eat some corndogs. LET’S GO!

I had to create a webpage for a fictional company and I was supposed to start with a sketch. Here we go.


This sketch showed the bones of what would be going on for a webpage built with the widescreen monitors of the modern era in mind. There in fact was a design before the final design that encapsulated most of these items and was my draft. Photoshop failed to save that draft in a way that I could alter it and only saved the jpg. Fortunately this allowed me to not forget about an important step in the assignment that I hadn’t had before I built this, and that was the wire frame.


This was the idea for the revamped version with some of the critique I received in the critique in mind.

Here is the final showing.


The idea behind this website is that single people like to travel too, but traveling alone is not only a lonely prospect that can depress the traveler but it can be DANGEROUS to do so. The idea here is that BuddySystem Travels allows you to be paired up with someone also interested in the same location and buy a pre-planned travel plan or create your own. Quite a bit like a Facebook or even a Tinder for travelers.

I used a Triadic color scheme focusing on cool colors based on the picture of Matterhorn Mountain that I used. The color scheme would change with the pictures on a timed slide show format or as the users mouse hovers over the links on the side bar.  I used a decorative font called Magic School One for the title and advertising wording on Matterhorn, and another font called Letter Gothic STD for the other text information/clickable links. I received critique from Michelle Davis who didn’t like the navigation bar. And from Deborah who had no improvement comments.

I critiqued only Ryan Ferrante. I have added the stress of a job and I thought I had critiqued more than him so it slipped my mind.


(eliminate spaces the blog is being jerkish.)


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10A Assignment

***Class Related Material***

There is much I could say about movie poster design. It has a long and storied history that is over 100 years old. There are many different types, styles, and ways to make movie posters but they all have one goal to promote a film. This is not what we are assembled about to talk today. Today I’m going to show you my own movie poster.

That is the video where I talk about some of the process. But a minute cannot contain all of the information that is needed to discuss what I have done for this assignment. I was inspired by an actual film poster that acted as more of a teaser poster. (A poster with most of the credit information removed, usually either has a descriptor of the character in one or two words or just the title.)

I could not do anything to alter the size of this poster the image resize site wouldn’t allow it to go bigger than what it was.

This poster is from the 1993 Academy Award Best Picture winner…Unforgiven. Which is kind of obvious as it says that right on the poster. It is a very simple poster design that has been repeated in many instances. (For an example google the poster to the Puss in Boots movie some time.) And for good reason it’s elegant and simplistic and gets the point across very rapidly. Here is my take on that poster.


The assignment require to have more information than what the style of the poster originally had so I improvised with a (hopefully amusing and not insulting) message. I had recently gone vacation to Southern California and one of the places that I had visited was Universal Studios Hollywood. I had gotten on of the interactive wands from Ollivander’s (more details on this when I write a blog post on that day of the trip) and it gave me the idea to riff on the Unforgiven poster but with a “if those in charge of the Harry Potter film rights decided to make a western” vibe to it. Which is why I mixed with the picture of a southwest sunset and used a decorative font called “Magic School one” for the title. It is to the side of the poster instead of the center because I am imitating another poster. I received critique from Amber Hinds who said to make the text darker, I didn’t like how it looked darker so I went for something brighter. I do not think that this is how such text would appear in a final poster of this nature but I improvised with the skills I knew. Shelby Blakely also mentioned that she found the transparency unsettling so after some tooling around in Photoshop to figure out how to make both solid I went solid.

I left critique to Rashida Torres’ most excellent poster. Henrique Carvalho Dos Santos’ poster with the nice film festival vibe.  Additionally I critiqued Shelby Blakely’s more based on concept than with what was in the upload.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Thanks to: for the sunset


http: // www . drivepast . com / wp-content / uploads / 2014 / 02 /unforgiven.jpg

(Fuse the spaces to get the site. WordPress is being naughty and won’t show the link but the image. Not happy)

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Theme Park Report Part 1, Knott’s Berry Farm

***Non-Class Related Material***

Last week I was given the wonderful opportunity to go out with my family to Southern California for a week, in the Anaheim and Los Angeles area. It was a week of road tripping, mixing Homework with a vacation, an Angels Baseball game, and theme parks. Three of them to be exact.  Each day this week, in addition to the regular blog posts for my class, we will be discussing the experience that I had with each of these theme parks, method of travel to get to the theme park, the value for price of a ticket, quality of themeing, quality of food, and ride quality. Each of these will be graded from A to F.

Getting There

The first thing you need to do is get to the area where the theme park is being hosted, which is the Anaheim area of California, but that’s the easy part. The rest depends on how close you are to the theme park. We had a hotel on Harbor Blvd. So we used, the OCTA Buses, public transportation. This is a great way to get around any city that has it, but there are quite the trials that come with the territory, the major one is that you need to be at least a little familiar with the routes. So you must do the most dreaded thing in the world and research your route. (Which should be part of any trip anyways, especially dangers, see the recent and painfully tragic instance that happened at Disney’s Grand Floridian last week.) It’s public transportation and that comes with the negatives and positives with it, add $5 to your budget for a day pass on the bus. B+ if you know your way around. C+ If you’re antsy and not familiar with the route.

Themeing Quality

Knott’s Berry Farm is a touch scattershot with it’s themeing, Ghost Town and Calico have actual themeing to their area, the rest the rides might or might not have themeing. The Jaguar has a theme of a Mayan Pyramid. But that’s about it on themeing. C+

Food Quality

I had the ribs at the Fireman’s Brigade BBQ. They were real ribs, not fall off the bone but they were good, not as good as my mother’s cooking though, and very slimy on your hand. The Garlic Butter tastes very awesome, I missed the baked potato, I know for shame but it did happen. But the Knott’s Berry Punch, THE KNOTT’S BERRY PUNCH, it is the most delectable punch that I have ever had the pleasure of drinking in a theme park/amusement park. I want that stuff commercially available.

Ride Quality

I am not as skinny as I used to be. In fact I would categorize myself as very fat and in need of weight loss. Knott’s Berry Farm is, as Gabriel Iglesias said once about another (coming up next review) theme park, not fluffy friendly. The Jaguar the first ride I went on that day was very cramping on me. It was still fun but it was cramped. It’s a ride/tour de Knott’s more mexican themed area. (When areas there are themed.) It was a slower 30 mph roller coaster, but it was fun and had nice turns to it. All in all I’d give it a solid A-.

The next ride that I went on that day was called Montezooma’s Revenge. I had an easier time fitting into the seats of this ride than the last one which made the experience much more enjoyable. This was a rapid ride that mixes roller coaster tracks with those boat style rides that go back and forth. You take off at an unexpectedly high speed, around a loop and to the edge of the track. Then rocket backwards, through that loop to the other end and you’re done. It is a very small, very short ride, with an acceptable queue. When you don’t encounter the disgustingly rampant epidemic of line jumping. My goodness is that an obnoxious experience. All in all I’d give it an A

After that we took a ride on the Calico Mine Train in the area of Calico. This ride was friendly to the girthier but still a little cramped. It was…fine. Think if Pirates of the Carribean had a mine theme with lower quality animatronics. There was really some pretty scenery to it and it was a more relaxing ride but also a bit musty. The narrating host isn’t very easy to hear as well which takes it down a little as well. I’d give it a B-.

Before we had the aforementioned lunch we rode their log flume ride. It was a nice log flume ride that tried to tell a story about calico and the people that worked in the logging company but something felt missing from it, I would have liked some narration. It was a tight fitting ride but manageable. A solid B, an A if Log Flume rides are a big favorite of yours.

The ride we went on right before lunch was something called Bigfoot Rapids, it was one of those raft style rides that’s like a more intense lazy river that actively seeks to get you wet. Like Grizzly River Rapids at Disney’s California Adventure (coming with the Disneyland discussion) or Rattlesnake Rapids out here at Lagoon. The problem was, I think it’s either being really water conservative or toned down thanks to the cell phone age. I barely got a splash one pant leg with that one. I’d give it a low C-

After lunch we decided to go on one more ride. There just wasn’t much that the rest of my party was interested in. So we headed over to Ghost Town, well we were already in Ghost Town, (happy 75th by the way), but we headed over to their big attraction. The Ghost Rider, one of the old wood style roller coasters. This was our longest line of the day and one that was at the end so everyone was ready to just go. We waited and waited and waited and…the problem of weight came up again. No one was able to ride but me, and I was a just barely could get on rider. But I did get on, and it was a blast. Very Rapid, sharp turns, smooth, and the clickety-clack, rickety-rack of the coaster was on it’s A game. A very fun ride. I’d give it a B to an F if you’re a bigger person depending on if you’re able to fit or not. (Lap Bar tech is to the point that it can be somewhat adjustable for the larger sized.) And A if you’re fit able to go and can tolerate line jumpers.

Value of ticket

A day of Knott’s Berry Farm will cost you about half the price of a Disneyland ticket. $48 per adult, although this is one camp. They make up for that loss with food that is priced fairly high though, a large drink their will take you into the five dollar range while one at Disneyland will take you into the four. There are plenty of rides to go on, if you’re under 200 pounds and don’t have a large belly on you, which is something to be considered. The rides are a bit less fun than Disneyland, but as we’ll see soon, there could be worse quality rides. This price will not include the second park, (Soak City USA) or Fast Lane, (which is like a Fast Pass or Front of the Line privileges), which does take it down a notch. But for what you pay I’d have to give it an A to a B depending on your weight and your patience with the Line Jumping epidemic that Knott’s suffers. Worth your time.

Thank you for sharing this experience with me, tomorrow after my homework blog post, we talk about The Happiest Place on Earth. This concludes part 1.

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9A Assignment

***Class Related Content***

For this assignment I am to create a photoshop collage exploring the different angles of an object. As well as highlight my best pictures. Unfortunately, thanks to the time constraints and restraints of the week, I do not have my top 3 best pictures available. I know that I will be taking a cut from my grade for this, and I will accept it graciously. I will be working harder during week 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14. And I hope that my past work has spoken on that fact. I know I should not indulge in an off week but the restraints are putting me through that.

Here is my collage.


I chose my comic book short box because it was handy when I was in a hurry to obtain images for the collage. But also because I am fond of this hobby that I have started to develop and wanted to show that a storage device for the comics doesn’t just have to be an ugly white box.

I received critique from Christina, she suggested that I align my pictures and that I maybe add a couple. Adding some pictures, which probably would have helped with alignment, would have been considered if I wasn’t on limited time and the computer wasn’t so utterly stubborn this week, (laptop with built in mouse pad did not work with me well unfortunately). They have not been due to pressure to insure that the assignment is turned in on time.

I gave critique to Deborah Bentley and Michelle Davis.

Thank you for your time.

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***Class Related Post***

Outdoor Light
Indoor light relating to a cup
Indoor light relating to a cup
Focus. (Note: This was the closest I could to foreground focus. It wanted to fight me the whole way.)
Focus. (Note: This was the closest I could to foreground focus. It wanted to fight me the whole way.)
Rule of thirds with leading lines. I hope
Rule of thirds with leading lines. I hope
Lead room side view
Lead room side view

I took pictures of what was around me that I could find. My first light picture was that of the apple tree at about 9:00 in the morning. I know it isn’t the best time to get the best light, but I feel that it perfectly summed up the relationship of light that average person would capture. And that sunbeam looked terrific after I gave the sky a little bit more of a blue color to it with Lightroom.

For the second picture I focused more on how objects can alter the appearance of artificial light. Which is why I put the cup on a light bulb. It may not be exactly what the assignment asked for but I love the effect. I only needed to add the watermark.

For the focus, digital cameras are jerks and I was low on time. I’m hours away from heading to vacation. (The one that I mentioned to my professor earlier got moved up on me, because it was tied to my father’s work travel. It happens.) I did what I could with my LG G3’s magic focus feature. I know it isn’t the best and the background couldn’t focus when the foreground does.

For the composition, I used my brother and the shed. This did not require any editing either. These photos are ones that I’m very proud of and they just look good.

Thank you for your time.

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Infographic and Social Media Strategy.

***Class Related Material***

For this assignment we are supposed to use one of a few social media options to help expand the market of a business. I chose to create an infographic, (Option A on the assignment), to go with the my selected business’ slogan. “A Grocery Store and So Much More.” With the infographic I can show just how this business is much more than a grocery store by describing some of our non-grocery products. The goal of displaying this is to help encourage even more loyalty for a unique mom and pop store in a small town than we already have been granted.

Andy’s Market is a grocery store that is located in a small central Utah town near Richfield, that is owned by my family, because I am distrusting of the internet I will not disclose the specific location. Within the grocery store there is a bakery and grill area called Treasure Mountain Bakery and Grill. In addition to that there is also a book exchange and a pharmacy. The aforementioned bakery and grill goes above and beyond to sell more than the typical grocery store. Instead of just having doughnuts and deli meats there is a fully loaded breakfast and lunch/dinner menu. One of the most popular items on the menu is the Andy’s Burger.

Being a mom and pop small town store owned by a native son, my father grew up in the town, we are afforded a great deal of loyalty from the town and other small surrounding communities that doesn’t even require social media. But to live in the modern era, and to keep those that are invested in keeping the store around that would like to stay informed so we do have a Facebook page for people to like and be updated on sales, giveaways, and other things. One thing that we haven’t done is do in depth looks at what makes us “so much more” than a Grocery Store. Which is why once again I selected to use an infographic to show it, and gain new consumers, hopefully.

I created the visuals of the infographic by taking a picture of an actual Andy’s Burger in it’s natural habitat, paired with fries and ready to eat, and began a breakdown of what the burger comprises of. Using the program Easelly, I created a cream backdrop to help give the eyes a place to rest. The title was scrunched up in the corner mostly thanks to the demands of the text box that was created but it worked to my advantage as a I put in the logo and slogan opposite of it. I inserted text boxes around the burger  that was complimentary to the placement of the items in the burger.

final infographic
final infographic

The results of this infographic following critiques are seen above. Christina Sangimeni told me that I should maybe look into bolding key words in each textbook. Unfortunately the program does not actually allow me to bold any words, either the whole graphic is bolded or it’s not bolded at all. If this limitation was not in place this critique would have been regarded. Michelle Davis suggested I brighten the photo and the text, Brother Shurtliff also suggested brightening the text. This was regarded and the text and crucial design element arrows were changed from a dead and dull black into a nice burnt red. As to brightening the photo this was disregarded. Sharpening the photo even by a little would eat up the text that is in the image. Brother Shurtliff also suggested that I reduce the wording of each infographic, due to the goals of the infographic, and a more patient audience that would click on and read through the image at full size this was disregarded as well. The full descriptions works towards the goal of making people want to go to the store and get an Andy’s Burger. Image words convey the information about the pieces of the burger to the point that if the information was abridged that the message would not have the greatest effect possible.

Typography Title: Encient German Gothic/Decorative

Typography Body: CA BND Web/Sans Serif

Color Scheme: Minus Picture? Monchrome with the burnt red. (That’s what I pictured it that’s what I’m going to call it.)

Thanks to: Myself for the image of the Andy’s Market Logo, as I do not have access to a JPEG of the official logo this was created in word. The added text of the slogan is part of my creation.

Amber Tracy, an employee of the store who took the picture of one of our Andy’s Burgers in its natural habitat.

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Class assignment.

For this class I was asked to begin to create a magazine spread. I was asked to imagine that I was an intern for a Church Magazine, (The Ensign or The New Era respectively) and that I would need to find images and create a story for the magazine. Although most of this would be done as “for-hire” work I went along with it and this is what I created, using real emotions and real personal experiences. So I would ask for patience and compassion in considering what is written here. It should also be noted that at the end of this class this post will be deleted. There is no changing my mind on this either.

After Being Honorably Excused

Young men of the Church have been told time and time again from multiple leaders that “every worthy and able male should serve a mission.” Sometimes, when we teach our young men we forget that “able” part; and that can create a problem for some young men. Through no fault of the parents, or young man in question health problems, physical or mental, arise that make a young man unable to serve no matter how bad he wants to.

That is what happened to me. Due to certain mental health issues that I have I was unable to serve a full time proselyting mission. I understood why I was viewed as unable to serve a mission, I understood mentally that this wasn’t a rejection from on high, that it was done out of concern for my mental health and my emotional wellbeing.

That does not mean that my heart didn’t register what my head understood. Or that fellow members of my ward understood exactly why I wasn’t going on a mission. I went through a lot of lengthy explanations to ward members at my home ward, and member students I attended classes with at one of the junior colleges in the state where I live. Every time that I would have to explain why I wasn’t out on a mission I would feel a little more embarrassment, a little more shame, and I felt just a little more rejected by members of the Church, and it became just a little easier to be deceived into emotionally feeling like God had rejected me.

So I started to fall away. I stopped going to church because it would just be easier to not deal with talking to the student members about the deals with my mission. I became bitter towards the way members received those that were going on missions, how big of a deal everyone made over there farewells. I felt bitter of how much of a big deal people would make over returned missionaries, especially, and I must confess that this was in part a selfish attitude, when it came to how they were seen as much more desirable eternal companions than those that didn’t serve a mission at all. Whether or not they had shown spiritual growth or kept the spiritual growth they had gained on their mission, they were still seen as better than those that didn’t serve.

This bitterness affected my overall emotional mood and my academic performance. I stopped attending classes because it felt pointless for me to go, I wouldn’t find an eternal companion there, I was already behind and goofing around on the internet was just more fun and helped me forget what I perceived to be my failures as a son of God and as a student. Until I realized that I couldn’t go around like this anymore and had to get on the right track again. How to do this?

I had been told about service missions when I first was honorably excused from a regular proselyting mission. I turned my nose up at the prospect of it; it felt like a consolation prize, something that wouldn’t be seen as a “real mission.” Realizing that I need to make a change, regain and rebuild a routine, I started to look into a service mission. After 6 months of searching             I realized that I was indeed half right. A lot of members do think that it isn’t a “real mission”, but it is no consolation prize. It is an extremely important part of the operations of the church and saves the church a lot of money each year as part of the operations that an international church performs each year. Through my search for a mission that fit me, and my mission itself I once again felt valued, and that people around me cared. It brought me back to God.

I still have things that I need to work on with my attitude towards returned missionaries. But I’m much happier than I was when I began this journey. And I’m thankful every day for my experiences on my service mission and how it restored my understanding that God cares about me.

This is in no way the final product. This is a body of text, a body of text is not the final product of a magazine article. That also requires layouts and pictures. Here are some rough drafts of those pictures.


If things about this are not clear, the color scheme would be black and white. This is mostly due to the fact that most Ensign Articles are Black and White in theme. Or have a monochromatic theme, it gives a very timeless and classy look that is necessary for the content of such a magazine. (Although most pictures unless the mood otherwise called for it would be in color.)


This picture could definitely be rotated to work with the second color scheme. There is no source for this picture because I personally took it, this is also why it doesn’t show the actual name and instead more focuses on the middle

This is the second picture I have. Others will be considered but for now this is the second picture. Not how it would look as a final appearance but that will be handled when the image is put all together.


Special thanks to: which is where this image comes from.